Best animated movies of all time - Popular animated movies you must watch - Lists of animated feature films

Are you also fan of animated movies?
Well I’m big fan of animated movies because animated movies are full of adventure, fantasy, fun and romcom. These movies are famous among all age groups. if you’re also fond of animated movies and want to watch some best animated movies in your free time. Then this article must be very helpful for you because I’m going to share a list of top best animated movies of all time that you'll surely want to watch.
    πŸ”Ά   Frozen 
    πŸ”Ά   The Incredibles
    πŸ”Ά   Zootopia
    πŸ”Ά   Tangled
    πŸ”Ά   Tinker Bell
    πŸ”Ά   How to Train your Dragon
    πŸ”Ά   How to Train Your Dragon 2
    πŸ”Ά   Brave
    πŸ”Ά   Minions
    πŸ”Ά   Hotel Transylvania
    πŸ”Ά   Hotel Transylvania 2

    πŸ”Ά   Moana
    πŸ”Ά   The Boxtrolls
    πŸ”Ά   Madagascar
    πŸ”Ά   Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
    πŸ”Ά   Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
    πŸ”Ά   The Nut Job
    πŸ”Ά   Cars
    πŸ”Ά   Cars 2
    πŸ”Ά   Rio
    πŸ”Ά   Rio 2
    πŸ”Ά   Tarzan 2013
    πŸ”Ά   Tad, the Lost Explorer
    πŸ”Ά   Finding Nemo
    πŸ”Ά   Free Birds
    πŸ”Ά   Khumba
    πŸ”Ά   Wreck-It Ralph
    πŸ”Ά   Bolt
    πŸ”Ά   Lilo & Stitch
    πŸ”Ά   Up
    πŸ”Ά   Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
    πŸ”Ά   Turbo
    πŸ”Ά   Epic
    πŸ”Ά   Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    πŸ”Ά   The Little Mermaid
    πŸ”Ά   The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
    πŸ”Ά   Cinderella
    πŸ”Ά   Sleeping Beauty
    πŸ”Ά   The Smurfs
    πŸ”Ά   The Smurfs 2
    πŸ”Ά   Smurfs: The Lost Village
    πŸ”Ά   Ice Age
    πŸ”Ά   Ice Age: The Meltdown
    πŸ”Ά   Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
    πŸ”Ά   Ice Age: Continental Drift
    πŸ”Ά   Ice Age: Collision Course
    πŸ”Ά   Pete's Dragon
    πŸ”Ά   Kung Fu Panda
    πŸ”Ά   Kung Fu Panda 2
    πŸ”Ά   Kung Fu Panda 3
    πŸ”Ά   Puss in Boots
    πŸ”Ά   Angry Birds Movie
    πŸ”Ά   Aladdin
    πŸ”Ά   The Little Mermaid
    πŸ”Ά   Chicken Run
    πŸ”Ά   Firebreather
    πŸ”Ά   Ferdinand
    πŸ”Ά   The Boss Baby
    πŸ”Ά   Yogi Bear 2010
    πŸ”Ά   Rango
    πŸ”Ά   Over the Hedge
    πŸ”Ά   Surf's Up
    πŸ”Ά   The Jungle Book
    πŸ”Ά   Beauty and the Beast
    πŸ”Ά   Monster House
    πŸ”Ά   Shrek
    πŸ”Ά   Shrek the Third
    πŸ”Ά   Shrek Forever after
    πŸ”Ά   Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
    πŸ”Ά   The Jungle Book 2
    πŸ”Ά   Alpha and Omega
    πŸ”Ά   Despicable Me
    πŸ”Ά   Despicable Me 2
    πŸ”Ά   Despicable Me 3
    πŸ”Ά   Stuart Little
    πŸ”Ά   Stuart Little 2
    πŸ”Ά   Mulan
    πŸ”Ά   Bee Movie
    πŸ”Ά   Toy Story
    πŸ”Ά   Toy Story 2
    πŸ”Ά   Toy Story 3
    πŸ”Ά   The Lion King
    πŸ”Ά   The Lion King 1½
    πŸ”Ά   Open Season
    πŸ”Ά   Open Season 2
    πŸ”Ά   Wall-E
    πŸ”Ά   The Wild

    πŸ”Ά   Tarzan
    πŸ”Ά   Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
    πŸ”Ά   Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
    πŸ”Ά   Ratatouille
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How to convert your Facebook page likes and followers into blog/website subscribers? | How to create a Facebook page | A complete guide

Facebook is convenient channel to share information, photos, videos and also a best platform to grow traffic of your blog. Facebook pages are best source to explode your blog. All you need to do is create an awesome Facebook page.
⇒⇒   My series of articles on Facebook …
 ⇲  How to create a Facebook page?
 ➩ To create a new Facebook page Sign in to your Facebook account and click on create page.
 ➩ Select which type of page you want to create Facebook give you two categories:
         1.  Business or brand (A page where you can Showcase your products and services, sell your products reach more customers, share your blog articles and interact with your followers on Facebook.)
         2.  Community or public figure ( A page where you can create a community and Connect with more people, organization, team, group or club.)
 ➩ Choose a category and click on get started.
 ➩ Now name your page and add a category to describe your page.You can also select brand name as your page name. Select page name according to your content. Unique page name attract more users.
 ➩ After that click on continue.
 ➩ Upload your page’s profile picture and cover photo.
 ➩ Your page is created now invite your friends to like your page. In
 ➩ Add a short description in page info section. This description tell people what this page is about.
 ➩ On your Facebook page You can;
           πŸ‘‰ Write status
           πŸ‘‰ Share your Photo & Videos
           πŸ‘‰ Advertise your business
           πŸ‘‰ Start Live Video 
           πŸ‘‰ Get Sign-ups
           πŸ‘‰ Get Messages
           πŸ‘‰ Create an Events
           πŸ‘‰ Create Offers
           πŸ‘‰ Write Notes
 ➩ You can also schedule your posts.
  πŸ‘€  How to add username in Facebook page?
 ➩ Add your page username in page info section. This username make easy for people to search you. You can change this user name at any time. 
           πŸ‘‰ To add username Go to About section > General > username  > Create page @username > choose a username.
           πŸ‘‰ After choosing user name click on Create username.
  How to convert your Facebook page likes & followers into blog/website subscribers? 
As I mention before Facebook pages are best source to explode your blog. You can share your blog articles on your Facebook page. Your Facebook followers are your permanent audience. You can turn your Facebook followers into your blog subscribers. I also get 70% of my blog traffic from Facebook…

  πŸ”Ά  To get subscribers directly from Facebook add a Facebook button. This Facebook button take your audience directly to your blog/website.
 ➩ To add button select which button you want your people to see among these five categories.
         1.  Make a booking with you (Book Now)
         2.  Contact you (Contact Us, Send Message, Sign Up, Get Quote, Send Email, Call now)
         3.  Learn more about your business (Watch Video, Learn more )
         4.  Shop with you or make a donation (Shop Now, See offers)
         5.  Download your app or play your game (Use App, Play game )
 ➩ After selecting category click on next.
 ➩ Now choose where you like this button send people here you can add your website/blog link. 
 ➩ And click finish. Button is successfully installed. You can test this button at any time. With this button you get subscribers directly from your Facebook page. 
  πŸ”Ά  Add your blog/ website link in your info section. This link would take your Facebook followers directly to your website and can increase your website/blog subscribers.
        πŸ‘‰ To add website/blog link Go to About section > Contact details  > Enter website.
           πŸ‘‰ After adding website link click on Save.
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How to resize your design in canva for free | Magically resize your designs & social media graphics in canva

  What is Canva?
Canva is graphic design tool website. It is used by bloggers, entrepreneurs and business owners > both professional and non professionals. Best Part of canva is that it is easy to use. You can create best design in very short time... Canva provide verity of different templates & features which helps you to create an awesome design.
     ➧     If you are newbie then check my Step by Step Beginners Guide >>> How to use Canva.
Canva gives facility to create: 
  Social Media Post 
Twitter Post, Square Social Media Graphic, Pinterest Graphic, Facebook Post, Facebook App, Tumblr Graphic, Instagram Post  
US Letter, Presentation, A4, Letterhead, Magazine Cover, Certificate, Resume, Yearbook
  Blogging & eBooks
Book Cover, Desktop Wallpaper, Wattpad Book Cover, Web Banner, Photo Collage, Blog Banner, CD Cover, Infographic
  Marketing Materials
Posters, Menu, Flyer, Logo, Brochure, Gift Certificate, Business Cards, Label
  Social media & Email headers
Facebook Event Cover, YouTube Thumbnail, Tumblr Banner, YouTube Channel Art, Twitter Header, Google+ Header, Etsy Shop Cover, Etsy Shop Icon, Email Header, Facebook Cover, Twitch Banner, Linkedin Banner, Soundcloud Banner
Postcard, Invitation, Card, Tag, Program, Announcement
Facebook Ad, Wide Skyscraper Ad, Large Rectangle Ad, Leaderboard Ad.
   Canva provide size dimensions for all designs But You can also resize it according to your will.
⇲   How to resize your design in canva?

  πŸ”Ά   You can resize your design on canva home page. This resize is free
      To resize click on “Create a design” (Green button) located at left side.
      Click on "Use custom dimensions".
      Select Width & Height of your design after that select from given three types (px, mm, in).
      Click on Design to save your changes.
 Canva design window will open now create your design...
  πŸ”Ά   You can also resize your images in design window. Resize button helps you to directly resize your images after applying template and layout. Simply press resize button and adjust Width and Height of your design. 
But this resize button is only available in 30 days trial after that you have to buy it.
      Make your amazing designs with Canva and share your experience with us in comment section below. Also share which website you use to create your social media graphics —so that other readers can also benefit from your experience...
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