How to configure and reset PTCL Dsl modem

If you are a broadband user you often face problem of slow speed, no browsing issues and connection issues. Here in this article learn tricks and tips to solve these problems.
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🔴     Make sure that modem should not be placed near heavy electricity instrument like monitors, speakers, etc. change location of your modem.
🔴     Check the DSL light status on modem (in some devices marked with symbol)
🔴     Make sure light is stable and not blinking. If DSL light is blinking then check your splitter connection. Check that wires of modem and phone are connected in their relevant ports. Disconnect wires and place them properly. If still facing same issue then please bypass splitter and connect phone line directly to modem.
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🔴     Check internet light on your modem (marked with symbol @if the internet light on modem is on and you are facing no browsing issue then please follow the following steps:

▪  Open your browser and Enter IP address in your browser and press enter (your IP address is mentioned at the back of your modem).
  Authentication is required for this site. You have to enter user name and password (your IP address user name and password is also mentioned at the back of your modem).  After entering your user name and password click on log in. 

️    At PTCL DSL router home pages clicks on Advanced setup from the left and then click WAN service or Wan. 
️    To wiped previous settings click the check boxes under the remove column and hit remove.
️    After this click on add and in ATM PVC Configuration.  Enter 
VPI: 0,   VCI: 103  and check Enable Quality of Service. And click next.
️    Hit Next.  Choose PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE), and set the Encapsulation Mode to LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING.
️    In next screen you have to enter your ppp username and ppp password. Username is mostly your PTCL number on which you have DSL connection and password is ptcl. PPPoE Service name is bb. Call 1218 and ask them for credentials. After this click next.
️    In next screen check Enable NAT, Enable firewall and Enable WAN service and Hit Next.  
️    They give you summary of your settings click save. This will reboot your router. Now your internet will connect and you get a stable green internet light.
🔴      If you can't access wlan settings connect modem to laptop/pc through Lan and repeat the above steps.

🔴      If your problem remain unsolved then reset your modem. you can reset your modem from the button back at your modem. press and hold it with a pin unless your modem light turn red. when mpdem is on repeat the above steps.
➽➽  If you are still facing same issues then dial 1218 and get help. Do try the above tricks also share your experience with us. Please let us know what works for you and what not —so that other readers can also benefit from your experience...".Share this article with your friends and Subscribe my blog for more hacks…
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